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Download Entry Level Cover Letter Template – [MS Word Free]

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This Entry Level Cover Letter Template – [MS Word Free] was written by a recently employed graduate, who only has a little part-time work experience.

In this example, the applicant is submitting a resume for a position as an entry-level IT technician. She states her excitement for the chance right away and then lists her relevant qualifications to demonstrate her suitability for the position:


Why this is such a good Cover Letter?

Because the applicant stresses her excitement for the chance from the very first phrase, this sample entry-level cover letter stands out.

She isn’t only enthusiastic about the work, either. The applicant additionally promotes her professional strengths swiftly (and convincingly), including pertinent hard skills (Linux, backend development) and soft abilities (precision, attention to detail).

Tip for This Entry Level Cover Letter Sample

Employers know they’re taking a risk by hiring a recent graduate. Showing some passion is especially important for new grads because they don’t have the work experience to win them the job yet.

By the end of her cover letter, the candidate has demonstrated that she’s even researched the position, and is passionate about the work the company is doing. Overall, this is an effective way to make a positive impression as an entry-level job seeker.


#10 Largest Auto Insurance Companies (May 2022)

The top 10 insurance providers are responsible for writing 75% of all automobile insurance policies. State Farm holds the largest portion of the market, which is 16 percent.

Even while the largest businesses underwrite the greatest number of policies, there is significant variation among them in terms of price, service quality, and a great deal of other criteria. Examine the following list of the 10 largest vehicle insurance companies in the United States, along with the characteristics that set each one apart from the others, so that you can make an informed decision about which insurance provider is right for you.

Which organizations currently hold the title of the largest vehicle insurance providers?

Geico, Progressive, and Allstate are the companies that come in second, third, and fourth place, respectively, after State Farm in terms of market share and total premiums issued across the US for automobile insurance. When looking at the rankings of the best vehicle insurance companies in the United States, the majority of the names are easily identifiable due to the fact that they run advertisements on national television networks.

Despite this, the ten major insurance providers in the United States, which are mentioned below, each provide their customers with a unique experience when filing a claim, in addition to varying premiums and coverage options. Compare the prices offered by a number of different insurers to determine which one offers the most favorable terms for your particular situation.

#1. State Farm Insurance

State Farm is an excellent auto insurance provider for anyone looking for a local agent, a personalized service, and lower-than-average rates.

State Farm is the largest vehicle insurance provider in the United States, controlling 16% of the total available market share. State Farm receives more than 15% of all private passenger auto premium dollars in the United States.

Currently, the corporation employs over 60,000 people and has nearly 19,000 agents. State Farm is a mutual insurance firm, which means that its policyholders own it.

Among the largest and most generally available auto insurers on this list, State Farm provided the cheapest car insurance premiums in the majority of the United States.

#2. General Motors

Geico is one of the most affordable vehicle insurance companies. It provides nationwide availability and a simple buying experience.

Geico, best known for its animated gecko ads, has worked as an underwriter for over 16 million auto insurance, insuring over 24 million automobiles. Because of its scale, the corporation may employ over 40,000 individuals throughout nine regional offices, three service centers, and three claims centers.

Geico’s first customers were U.S. government employees and military people. The insurance company’s customer base now includes those in the private sector.

Geico is the top insurer for college students, according to our assessment of the largest vehicle insurance carriers.

#3. Developmental

Progressive provides particularly affordable rates to drivers with a history of incidents. However, claim satisfaction and coverage options are mediocre.

Progressive, the country’s third-largest insurance firm, was founded in 1937. The organization allows customers to purchase auto insurance in person, online, or over the phone. Customers can also enroll through independent insurance agents.

The corporation employs around 35,000 employees and operates 400 offices. Progressive Corporation is a publicly traded firm.

#4. Allstate

Allstate often has higher rates but better-than-average claims satisfaction scores. However, the insurer provides a number of discounts that can help customers afford their coverage.

Allstate, founded in 1931, is America’s second-largest publicly listed property and casualty insurance company. Allstate, like State Farm, offers a network of local agents ready to assist you. Currently, the corporation employs around 46,000 employees.

Esurance, an Allstate company, operates in the same market. According to Allstate, the Esurance brand caters to self-directed and brand-conscious customers, whereas Allstate caters to those who prefer local and personalized care.


#5. USAA

USAA is one of the greatest car insurance companies in the country. USAA will provide you with highly competitive prices, excellent customer service, and prompt claim replies. The main drawback is USAA’s limited membership.

In 1922, 25 Army officers decided to insure one other’s vehicles and formed USAA. Today, the company serves millions of military personnel, including current and past service members, family members of service members, and cadets or midshipmen.

San Antonio is the headquarters of USAA. The corporate campus is three-quarters of a mile long. The largest private corporation in San Antonio is USAA.

USAA is our top recommendation for the best and cheapest vehicle insurance for veterans and military service members due to its focus on the United States armed forces.

#6. Farmers

Farmers started out as an insurance firm that provided coverage for farmers’ automobiles. Since then, it has grown to become the country’s seventh-largest insurance firm.

Farmers is difficult to find an insurance company that offers more policies. Among other insurance products, it provides auto insurance, pet insurance, and even investment goods. Farmers employs almost 13,000 people and insures over 19 million policies in all 50 states.

#7. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Customers evaluate Liberty Mutual’s claims satisfaction procedure as below average, and its rates fluctuate by area more than the average insurer.

Liberty Mutual has been in business for almost 100 years and is one of the leading insurance firms in the United States. It has a significant international presence, operating in 17 countries. The company sells property and liability insurance, as well as health and life insurance plans.

Liberty Mutual auto insurance can be obtained through the company’s call center, online, a local Liberty Mutual agent or broker, or representatives from its network of regional subsidiaries. One thing to keep in mind concerning Liberty Mutual’s coverage is that rates are guaranteed for a year.

#8. National

Nationwide’s affordability is below average, and its customer ratings are generally poor. Nationwide provides the typical coverages and discounts that you’d expect from a large national insurer.

In all 50 states, Nationwide provides financial services, commercial lines, and personal lines. Since 2000, the corporation has donated more than $430 million to charitable causes.

Nationwide’s motto, “On Your Side,” influences how vehicle insurance claims are handled, as well as how policies and premiums are calculated. The business also advises customers to have an annual checkup to ensure they understand their benefits and coverage, as well as any new reductions or modifications to keep costs low. This consultation is known as the “On Your Side” evaluation by Nationwide.

Nationwide offers the best discounts for clients wishing to bundle their home and auto insurance plans among the largest automobile insurance companies on this list.

#9. American Family

American Family is a reliable auto insurance provider. The firm provides reasonable rates that have the potential to be excellent when policyholders take advantage of some of its numerous discounts.

American Family was founded in order to insure farmers. In the 1930s, the company grew and began to insure non-farmers as well. Today, the corporation is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, and the leading insurer in Wisconsin by market share.

American Family is well-known for its generous discounts, which can make its already reasonable pricing much more cheap to customers. American Family, on the other hand, now underwrites plans in only 17 states.

#10. Travelers

Travelers is a wonderful alternative for auto insurance coverage because of its low complaint rating and wide range of discounts.

Travelers has been in business for for 160 years, making it one of the oldest insurance firms in the world. Travelers provided its first auto insurance coverage in 1897, long before the Ford Model T.

The corporation employs over 30,000 people and has 13,500 independent agents and brokers in nations such as the United States, Canada, and Brazil.

Notably, Travelers offers an IntelliDrive rate pricing scheme, which decides your rates by measuring your safe driving behavior using a smartphone app. Enrolling in IntelliDrive might potentially cut your annual insurance costs by up to 20% if you demonstrate safe driving practices.


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